Intoxicated murderer

This is the idiot who caused a poor 52-year old man’s death. By wandering onto the PIE, apparently intoxicated. What is WRONG with these people?

You caused the death of someone’s father, brother and son. All because you were irresponsibly enough to be Jaywalking under influence.

I hope when you recover, the guilt haunts you for life.

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One Response to “Intoxicated murderer”

  1. nonjaywalker Says:

    ya this guys an idiot.
    recently police are catching jaywalkers in choa chu kang
    but this guy is still not charged.
    he is working as a sweeper in boon lay garden primary school.
    and live life like nothing has happened.
    a real idiot who does not value human life
    he should be charged and jailed

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