4 officers shot dead in Oakland

Used to go kiteboarding in Oakland back in the days when I was in Silicon Valley. Recall it always seemed like a slightly messy place (compared to the much tamer Sunnyvale or Mountain View where most of the startups were based).

Then, I always wonder why the police officers were so darn tense and rude and all-high-and-mighty whenever they pulled someone (actually, me, haha) over. I guess like this officer says:

“When you stop someone, you just never know who is in the car,” he said. “It could be that you stop someone with a license that needs to be renewed and they have an assault rifle. You just can’t know.”

Scary job indeed. I can’t say I like the police officers in the US a lot, but they sure do a much needed job. I just wish they were a lot nicer than they are.

To these poor men who perished in the line of duty, rest in peace.

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