100 Different Evernote Uses


  1. Take a photo of your contacts measurements and save them to your personal notebook. Makes ordering your next pair easier.
  2. Take a photo of the page you are reading in a book and use @evernote to make your notes, keeping your book pages clean
  3. keep your web bookmarks in Evernote, then add screenshots to help kick start your memory when looking for a useful website.
  4. Write down coupon codes into a note and continue to add to them when you find them, this makes saving money a lot easier
  5. Make a list of movies that you want to watch on a relaxful weekend with your loved one(s)
  6. Save your blood type in a note which would come in handy if you get hurt or need to know.
  7. Write down your printer’s ink numbers, this comes in handy when you find a great sale on some printer ink. or when your out
  8. Save locations that you would ride your BMX bike/skateboard and share them with other riders/skaters.
  9. BMX – Keep a list of tricks that you want to perform in a certain location, this feature is useful esp. for iPhone users.
  10. Keep track of your loved one(s) clothing sizes.
  11. Keep a note dedicated to ideas that you want to write about on twitter, facebook or your blog
  12. Keep your receipts in a notebook which will help be organizes when Tax season comes around.
  13. Take photos of all of your napkin sketches and put them into individual notes, this helps for getting inspired later on.
  14. Keep snippets of code in a “Code” notebook for easy use of it later on.
  15. Save old copy from your website into a note for later use, so many times I wish I had a backup years down the road.
  16. Take screenshots of websites and other things that inspire you and save them into notes, one item per note.
  17. Use snagit to take video shots of websites/animations that inspire you, save them as .mov and add them to evernote
  18. If you are visiting family and they give you a file/photos, add it to Evernote for easy retrieval when you get home
  19. Keep track of presents that your friends and family want. This helps from being stuck as the last minute shopper.
  20. Save text that you often write in emails into a note so that things are consistent when sending emails to clients
  21. Take a photo and add some notes for a new drink or food that you found and like.
  22. Take photos or scan your kids artwork, that way you don’t have to lug around years of art but you will still have it.
  23. Keep track of which friend or family member borrows something. This saves the date they borrowed it.
  24. Save recipes that sound good as you come across them.
  25. Save prices, photos and text of parts that you want to buy for your car, bike or other vehicle(s).
  26. Take photos of your cars License and VIN numbers.
  27. Tale photos of your cars tire size and pressure and use the info when getting new tires.
  28. Save ideas and concepts which can help when writing a script.
  29. Scan/save your computer specs, this helps when buying new computer parts.
  30. Record audio notes for quick on the go ideas.
  31. Save video game high scores can keep track of your own progress and skills.
  32. Save the list of prescriptions that you are taking and the purpose each one serves.
  33. Write down the dimensions for each room in your house.
  34. Save a list of what light bulb sizes are needed for each room and for what object.
  35. Save photos, text and prices of items that you would like to have in your house.
  36. Take pictures or each page in your notebook just in case you happen to spill something on it, your notes will be save.
  37. Take pictures of interesting locations you come across so that you can find out more about it once get home.
  38. Keep a note of the nice things people say about you and who said it, this comes in handy when your feeling depressed.
  39. Keep a note of images, text and links to videos that make you laugh and smile.
  40. Make a list of names that you come across that you would like to name your kid.
  41. Keep a list of programs that you’ve install on your computer in case you need to re-format your computer.
  42. Write down ideas for things that you would like to include in your next website design.
  43. Scan or take a photo of every business card you get and store them in a separate notebook to quickly find a contact.
  44. Save website wireframe sketches, these can be re-used for other projects.
  45. Make a list of items that you work on each day. This will come in handy when a client asks when you worked on something.
  46. Save the brand and flavor of food that your animal eats. You don’t want to get them the wrong kind.
  47. Scan TO-GO menus so that you can have all of them with you where ever you are.
  48. Save photos of Tattoo’s that you like to help narrow down the tattoo you want to get.
  49. Sync up your Twitter account with Evernote and send @myen any twitter posts that you like.
  50. Create a folder for Evernote to watch and every time you put a document into that folder it will be automatically added.
  51. Take photos of concert or event tickets and then later on you can look back, similar to a scrap book.
  52. Keep notes containing keyboard shortcuts to your favorite programs.
  53. Save copy or links to articles that you would like to come back to and finish reading.
  54. Make a note for each project idea that you have, and then you will have one place to consistently come back to and update.
  55. Keep track of which shoe size goes with which brand of shoes.
  56. Keep track of which pant size goes with which brand.
  57. Make a list of songs that you come across while on the go and purchase those songs once you get home.
  58. Make note of things that make you relaxed and use them to consistently enjoy your life.
  59. Make a PDF version of your business license, this comes in handy when you fill out business paperwork.
  60. Make a list of all of your girlfriends family members names. Use this list to study them before your next big visit.
  61. Take a photo of the type of treats that your dog likes.
  62. Keep a note that has ways to save energy in the home and share it with friends and family.
  63. Keep track of the steps it takes to complete tasks on a clients website.
  64. Keep track of locations that you have hiked and the time it took to complete. Add photos if possible.
  65. Make a check list of the steps needed to successfully complete a website.
  66. Send important emails to your custom Evernote email address.
  67. Keep the items you see as “Do’s and Don’ts” and follow them whenever you can.
  68. Make a list of goals, and slowly one by one complete them.
  69. Make a list of items in the house that uses batteries and the type they use so that next time you get the right ones.
  70. Have a list ready available of the different resolutions that your website is often viewed at.
  71. Make a note of your serial numbers or registration keys for your software.
  72. Make a list of important events in your relationship, and then look back upon those events at a later date.
  73. Use the events found in my previous topic when writing a loved one a poem, or letter.
  74. Save the name of a restaurant you just ate at if they have good food.
  75. Keep and share the family grocery list.
  76. Keep photos of all of your watches (used for Watch Collectors)
  77. Keep a spare note for random notes
  78. Keep a PDF document in a note, then use the note to make comments regarding the attached PDF document.
  79. Make a list restaurants near your house and then try them out one by one, marking them off as you go.
  80. Keep wood working plans and share the note with your team, making  everyone aware of the progress.
  81. Create a website project note that you share with the team, and everyone updates the note with any new information.
  82. Make separate tags for each client, and assign any client related notes to that tag.
  83. If you keep inspirational images in your evernote, create tags for the 12 main colors.
  84. Create a tag for person in your immediate family, and save related notes to their tag, like medical, gifts etc.
  85. Create a list of your kids school supplies, and make sure that they have some for school and some for home use.
  86. Save your childrens teachers name.
  87. Get into a car accident? Take photos of the damage of both cars, both insurance cards and license and VIN numbers.
  88. Sort all of your misc. items into boxes, then take photos of the items. This helps find the item(s) your looking for.
  89. Take photos of the wiring setup on your media center so that if you move anything, you will know where it goes.
  90. Grab and write down slogans that you like when working on creating your own.
  91. Scan and save warranty information when you buy something, make sure to write down the expiration date.
  92. Scan documents to PDF that you think you may need at some point, then shred the un-needed paper version.
  93. Take photos of all valuable items in your house when you get them then save each to a note with the price and receipt.
  94. Save your loved ones favorite flower, take a photo if you need to.
  95. Take photos of all of your video games, and use evernote as your running catalog.
  96. Scan documents that your doctor gave you for exercises when going to physical therapy.
  97. Save newspaper articles of important events to share with your kids.
  98. Web designers should look back periodically at website you built and make notes of things you would change now.
  99. Keep track of symptoms when you are getting sick.
  100. Make a list of dreams that you had, what they are about and the day you had it. See if you start to see a pattern.

I learnt some new ways of increasing my own productivity with Evernote here. Hope this helps you guys out as well!

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