What a day - AWARE EGM on 2nd May

I followed the twitterverse via #awaresg from 3pm thru 7pm, before my tummy served notice that if i shut up and sat down in front of the computer further, it was going to complain extremely loudly.

By that time, I had seen so many tweets from so many concerned followers, from topics ranging from throwing high heel shoes to Shut Up and Sit Down tee-shirts and asking Ms Thio when she made a conscious decision to be straight as opposed to homosexual.

Very interesting and exciting day that ended with the Christian fundamentalists from COOS being fired (before they were given the impression that they had the choice to resign, haha).

Three cheers for the old guard of AWARE, for grassroots activism and democrazy!

Full transcript (well almost) and detailed report available from http://wayangparty.com/?p=8732 - don’t miss!

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