Another quiz result on my facebook feed and I swear I will smash my screen

I understand the fun and amusement one can get from some of these quiz results, but why in the world are half of the entries in my facebook feed QUIZ RESULTS?

I use facebook to see what my friends are up to - new photos, new microblogs (status updates), new events, etc. These quiz results are totally irrelevant! One or two are funny, but not when you have to click and set "Hide all Which Marvel Superhero are you? results", and just when you're happy, more stupid quizzes pop out like little piglets - much, much more than you can click a mouse at:

  1. Which Secondary School do you come from?
  2. Which Little Nonya character are you?
  3. Which colour panties do you wear?
  4. Which species of cockroach are you?
  5. Which day are you going to bang your head on the wall and die from reading too many quiz results?

Someone save me - I need a "Hide all quiz results" option!

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4 Responses to “Another quiz result on my facebook feed and I swear I will smash my screen”

  1. gwadzilla Says:

    I searching the web
    a friend said that you can hide the QUIZZES

    i have searched
    and i fear i have been punked

  2. Jaakko Says:

    Quizzes can be hidden with an add-on called Greasemonkey. I just lost the link since i reinstalled my OS so i’m lookin for it.

  3. Jaakko Says:

    There you go!

  4. Lisa Says:

    This is the only solution I’ve found, but it only works if you’re using Firefox or Chrome:

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