The new Apple Shuffle - I’d like to see someone hack it!

Let’s face it, the new shuffle is small. Really small. To me, it’s TOO small. I’ll probably lose it within a week.

But the voiceover feature is a good thing for a shuffle. Now, it actually makes sense, because previously, I couldn’t put my Spanish audio lessons in there. It’ll jump all over the place and I’d never be able to go to Lesson #X since I have over a thousand songs in that puny thing.

Now, I’m actually considering getting it. No, better not. I’m broke.

What I’d actually like to see is someone hack it into a pair of headphones. No wires, you know? I know someone who actually did that with the old shuffle. It took a pretty big pair of headphones coz yeah, the old shuffle was pretty big still. Now it’s smaller than a key! I’m sure there’s some cool stuff that can be done.

Will be waiting out for that! :)

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